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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Vision Thing (6): Right Now

Anyone who has received true vision must remain open to new vision. Vision may be augmented. It may also expire. It's not enough to have seen what God sees in the past if there is something he intends to show you right now.

Past vision was not enough for the Exodus generation of Israel. They had seen all the signs of God's power in Egypt and in the wilderness, but it was not enough for them the first time they reached the promised land. They did not see his glory going ahead of them in power if they would only obey and march into the land to take it.

Past vision was not enough for Nathan the Prophet. As a seer he had probably seen numerous visions of God and his ways. When David shared his plan to build a permanent temple for God, Nathan thought it was a fine idea and blithely told him to go ahead. But God had an entirely different plan—David wouldn't build God a house, but rather the other way around—and God confronted Nathan in the middle of the night to tell him.

Understand: when God gives you a vision, don't quit following it, no matter how long it takes. Sometimes a single vision lasts for years. But always remain attentive to new vision for new circumstances. And never rely on past faith or past experiences to serve you in the present. Always seek God for his vision for right now.

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