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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Evangelical Ecumenism: Fantastic Posts by Zach Bartels

Let me throw some props to my buddy Zach Bartels.

You may have read my post back in December about the tricky, uncomfortable dance I try to do as a committed Evangelical Protestant who feels constrained by the Bible both to (a) reject Catholicism and its adherents because of its doctrine of salvation (among other teachings) and (b) embrace Catholics who show the marks of being born again.

I've known Zach for a little while now, but it's only been more recently that I've discovered that he is basically the only person I know besides myself who possesses a weird combination of traits: (1) Evangelical Calvinist, (2) American Baptist pastor, (3) passionate about ecumenism.

Anyway, Zach wrote a couple of blog posts on being committed to the doctrine of the Reformation and committed to the breadth of Christ's Church that I thought hit it out of the park.  These are posts that I wish I had written.  So please read "This Is Me Painting a Bullseye on My Head . . . " (with illustration) and its second part and pretend that I had written them, especially if you like them.

And also, please listen to Pastor Zach's song on this subject that brought tears to my eyes.

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