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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Please Forward to All Your Friends!!!!!

Today I was forwarded an e-mail that contained a passionate tirade against the snowballing collapse of American civilization over the past ten to fifteen years, "the pace [of which] has dramatically quickened in the last two."  (Do the math.)  Supposedly it was written by historian David Kaiser, author of the blog History Unfolding.  Except that he didn't write it, and in fact much of its content is completely the opposite of what he thinks.  (See for where it actually came from.)

So some unknown person woke up in the morning and said to himself or herself, "America is really going down the crapper.  We are becoming so immoral, it just makes me sick!  If only I could take a stand against the wickedness and corruption all around us.  I know!  I'll take a comment on someone's blog that compares Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, and then I'll pass it off as the work of a respected historian and send it to all my friends.  That should help get America's integrity back."

The rage among many in our land over the state of our nation morally, politically, and economically is not surprising.  That the rage is not only shared but stoked and spread by some of the most zealous Christians is also not surprising.  It is, however, extremely sad, not least of which because it deeply compromises the very reasons that God has left the sons and daughters of light in this age of darkness in the first place.  Please read this article by Francis Frangipane along these lines.  It concludes:
God desires mature sons and daughters who, while fighting for their world, open the door of love into His world.  To see our nation transformed, we ourselves must be transformed.  Otherwise, we will risk becoming Christian hypocrites: angry that the world is not Christian but untroubled that we are not Christlike.

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