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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Talking to Christ about the Unsaved

I find myself continually impressed by the guys at YOUthwork University.  So often they dispense great wisdom that not only applies to loving students to Christ but adults too.  Here's an example from a recent post:
A woman we know never led anyone to Christ. Couldn't do it. Then she decided if she couldn't evangelize she could always pray. So she looked up verses related to salvation and prayed them for friends and coworkers. 
The next thing you know people were coming to Christ. Lots of them. 
Her story got our attention because many adults care about students but don't know how to talk to them about Christ. So why not reverse things and talk to Christ about students?
Read the rest of the post to see an an awesome list of simple prayer requests with supporting Scriptures to pray for your unsaved acquaintances.  God answers!

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